Psychic Medium Cecilia


Cecilia, experienced Psychic, Medium, Healer and Tarotist


Top Rated and Experienced Psychic, Medium, Healer and Tarotist. Very strong in sensing emotions of people, situations, relationships, relationship problems, work, finance, tarot readings, healings and coaching.


Clairvoyance, Claircognizance and Clairsentience

Cecilia, top rated and experienced psychic, medium, healer and tarotist. Specialised in reading past, present, future, future prognoses, time indication, love, relationships, relationship counseling, personal counseling, character description, children, work, career, business relationships, finances, helpings and tarot readings.


Psychic,  Medium and Tarotist

Hello my name is Cecilia and since I was a child I have been clairvoyance, claircognizance and clairsentience. 
I consider my readings and tarot reading as a gift. I was born in Uruguay and lived in Canada, United States and Spain.

In a reading I only need your name and date of birth. 

During a reading for you I can give you very accurate readings, in past, present, future, future prognoses, time indication, love, relationships, relationship problems, character description, children, work, career, business relationships and finances.

I will get very clear visions of what life has in store for you.

I’m here to remind you that you can be happy without feeling worried or anxious about anything. 

You can count on my support and help to fix any problem that you have or have had in any moment.



Tarot and Marseille Cards

After I ask you some questions, I will work with the Tarot and Marseille Cards for you and can give you the answers you have questions about and what the future has in store for you. 
The cards speak to me about your past, present and future. You can ask me anything you desire and I will find your answers you have questions about. Past, present, future, future prognoses, time indication, love, relationships, relationship problems, character description, children, work, career, business relationships and finances.



Through my interest and experience in Astrology, based upon your date of birth I can give you advice on your life and answers for your doubts.



As an experienced psychic and medium I can help you with my pendulum. If you have any questions on anyone or anything, I can give you the answers that you need. The pendulum specifically is very helpful for answering yes and no questions.


Relationship Counseling - Personal Counseling

If you are having trouble with your partner or children you can ask me for advice and I will help you. You can count on my support and I can help you with any problem that you have or have had in any moment.


Reiki Healing

If you have any mental or any physical fysical problem, I can give you a Reiki Healing and you will feel better. I can feel your energy and help you change and understand it.


Present, Past, Future, Future Prognoses, Time Indication, Love, Relationships, Children, Character Description, Work, Career, Business Relationships, Relationship Counseling, Personal Counseling, Finance, Pendulum, Reiki Healings, Astrologie, Tarot and Marseille Cards.


With love,
Psychic Medium Cecilia



Persoonlijke Gastenboek Berichten
Dear Cecilia.

You are AMAZING!

I want to thank you for your amazing reading. You are a lovely, patient en honest medium. Everything you told me was true. And it is coming my way. I knew it. But thanks to you. I know now for sure.

And to be honest with you. You are truely gifted that you can tell me, how the situation is and how i can to cooperate with it. You really took your time fore me and explained everything! You are definitely at the level of Ise Fleur and Ise Joy! They are amazing just like you.

I can recommend everybody to call you for a honest reading. Thank you so much dear Cecilia. I wish you all the goods on this amazing website and I hope to speak to you soon. When i will confirm the positive things you see for my future. I believe in.

Much love, respect and thanks. I am graceful.
With friendly regards. Xxx S

Thank you for your really amazing reading!
You were so lovely and everything you see in details what is happening with my relationship.

The contact you see in the cards for me it was there als you told me.

Thank you Cecilia, you are a blessing!

Cecilia was a very lovely lady. She gave me so much information about myself and my relationship with my boyfriend..

it was as if she’d known me and him forever. She described me as an affectionate person that was going through a special time.

She was able to say things about my soul, and really all the details with my boyfriend and the relationship between us. She was really spot on!

She anticipated for me leaving things behind, better economy and constructing a new world for myself and my boyfriend. She really gave me the advice and hope I needed and since the reading. Things have been getting better, just as she said.

I would totally recommend Cecilia and will call her again because she was so fascinating and right!