Psychic Medium Life Coach Jean


Jean, experienced TOP Psychic, Medium and Life Coach!


Specialised in clairvoyant, clairsentient and clairaudient readings and life coaching!

Strong in sensing people’s emotions, situations, relationships, relationship problems, and life coaching.
Clairvoyant, Clairsentient and Clairaudient

Psychic Medium and Life Coach

Hello, my name is Jean. Experienced psychic, medium and life coach, with a large passion for helping people. 

As an experienced psychic and medium I can give you a clear view on your or other people’s emotions, and intentions. As an experienced psychic and medium I can describe dynamics in your situations and relationships in the here and now, and give you clear direction and coaching on how to improve them. 

As an experienced psychic and medium I can also tell you, you wish to know about the obstacles in your or the person life.
In my adult life I started in the army. But after many missions and seeing lots of misery, one day I turned my back to this life. And made the journey to Santiago the Compostella.
After making this incredible journey, I travelled even more, all together for over an year. This journey changed my life and made me deicide that the army was no longer my path to walk. My spiritual awakening told me to help people. So I quit my job in the army and started to dedicate my life to helping others. During my travels and the years after I developed my own method of treatment.

As an experienced psychic, medium and life coach I’m specialised in putting you back on track and show you your true potential. So that you can pick up your life again in a positive way.

Life Coaching

As an experienced life coach, I can help you with: 

- Relationship problems - And the effects on you
- Personal problems - And the effects on you

- Discovering your potential
- Family problems - And the effects on you
- Divorce problems - And the effects on you
- Emotional Problems - And the effects on you
- Psychic Problems - And the effects on you

As an experienced life coach, I can also help you with: 

- The law of attraction and how to manifest in life what you want



Whenever you need someone to talk to and to listen to you, feel free to contact me. I’m there to help and support you whenever you need someone.
Past, Present, Future, Future Prognose, Relationships, Relationship Problems, Family, Family Problems, Character Description and Life Coaching.

With Love,

Psychic Medium and Life Coach Jean


Persoonlijke Gastenboek Berichten

A TOP medium, psychic and coach!
Jean your reading was the best ever! Everything was SPOT ON!
You felt exactly the most important thing and ‘where' the constantly struggles in the relationship were coming from. And the effects of it. Every detail was correct,

A very beautiful reading with no judgement.
Also thank you for your advice for me in all this.

You felt everything so correct, it was if you knew him and me. SPOT ON!

Thank you so much for your reading and the words you gave me!

Love E .. X