Psychic Medium Drago


Drago, Experienced Psychic and Medium.


Experienced Psychic and Medium very strong in sensing emotions of people, situations, relationships, relationship problems and coaching.

Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Claircognizance and Clairsentience .

Psychic Medium Drago
Paragnost Medium Drago


Hello, my name is Drago

Since I was a child I notice I was a little bit different to the rest of my friends. 
When I was 16 a (Psychic - Paragnost) told me that I had a lot of power in my hands to heal people and that my destiny was to help others in their way. But it wasn’t until I grow up that I realise and discover the power I had inside of me.


Psychic Medium - Paragnost Medium


Life makes you stronger with every little thing you live. And I was preparing me for years without knowing it. 
My travel to South America woke me up when I was 24. In this travel I found the secret of life and happiness and I started to feel the energy of the people. From this moment on everything changed. 
I came back to Spain, where I live, with my gifts as a Psychic and Medium (Paragnost en Medium), once at home I learned numerology and this made my spiritual life to grow even more. 

From this moment on I couldn’t stop helping beautiful people and their questions in life. 

I can show you the way to find happiness and your peace.
I can also show you the way to find yourself and get better relationship with the people around you. 

You can ask me questions as a Psychic Medium - Paragnost Medium such as:

How does he or she feel at this moment;
What does he or she feel for me at this moment;

What is his or her intention in relationship:
What does he or she want with me;
What does he or she want with me in the future;
What can i do to make the relationship better?

What is the current situation;
What can I expect in the coming weeks, months;




As a experienced psychic and medium, It’s also possible to send me a picture of you or the person you have questions about. 
I can clearly see and view what happened in someone’s past and what they are feeling at this moment.



With the numerology I can see your main number, which give me the energy you have in this life and what you have learned from the past one. 

I can see your purpose of life, your misión in this life and the changes you may experience. 
Sometimes you have some karma to heal and I can see them also for you to go through your problems. I only need your fully exactly name as it appears in your passport and your date of birth. 

Life is easy. I promise. And I can help you to see that. 


With Love Drago


Persoonlijke Gastenboek Berichten

Wauw an amazing reading with you!

Je voelde direct mijn emoties en van mijn vriend.
Je kwam direct tot de kern.

Je bent amazing goed!

Dank je ook voor je mooie en vooral liefdevolle adviezen!

Ik ga je zeker weer bellen!

Liefs Esther XXX